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ADI‘s analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing (DSP) in the process of converting, adjusting, and processing various phenomena in the real world such as sound, light, temperature, motion, and pressure into electronic signals that can be used in a large number of electronic devices. Integrated circuits (ICs) play a cornerstone role use. ADI has become synonymous with high performance among many electronics manufacturers. We work with customers to define what is the highest quality user experience for you. This means that in the thousands of entertainment, medical, industrial and other applications, the clearest image, the most crisp and clear sound, optimal interface, size and performance.

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LTC3636IUFD / LTC3636IUFD-1 Linear Step-Down Regulator IC

Dual Channel 6A, 20V Monolithic Synchronous Step-Down Regulator
Linear Technology/Analog Devices

LTC3636IUFD / LTC3636IUFD-1 Linear Step-Down Regulator IC


Type   :  Synchronous Step Down

Line Regulation   :  0.002%/V(Typ)

Load Regulation  :  0.05%(Typ)

Number of Outputs :   2

Output Type           :   Adjustable

Output Voltage (V)  :   1.8 to 12

Maximum Output Current (A)  :   6

Minimum Input Voltage (V)   : 3.1

Maximum Input Voltage (V)  :  20

Operating Supply Voltage (V)  : 3.1 to 20

Typical Switch Current (A)      :  6.6

Typical Quiescent Current (uA)  :  1300

Switching Regulator  :     Yes

Switching Frequency (kHz)  : 500 to 4000

Efficiency (%)                    : 95

Minimum Operating Temperature (°C) : -40

Maximum Operating Temperature (°C) : 125

Supplier Temperature Grade  :   Extended

Packaging  :   73/Tube

Standard Package Name  :  QFN

Pin Count           :28

Mounting            :  Surface Mount

Package Height  : 0.75(Max)

Package Length  :  5

Package Width    :  4

PCB changed      : 28

Lead Shape         :No Lead                              

 LTC3636IUFD / LTC3636IUFD-1  Configuration:

LTC3636IUFD / LTC3636IUFD-1 Linear Step-Down Regulator IC Order informations:

LTC3636EUFD-1#PBF LTC3636IUFD / LTC3636IUFD-1 Linear Step-Down Regulator IC APPLICATIONS:

Distributed Power Systems

Battery-Powered Instruments

Point-of-Load Power Supplies

Alternative Parts

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