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How to correct choose Integrated Inductance?
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With the increasing functions and applications of smart phones and mobile Internet device products, electronic terminal products are constantly developing in the direction of “small size, integration, high power, and multi-function”. Traditional inductors can no longer adapt to downstream high-end intelligence,Product demand. Now more and more integrated inductors are used in consumer electronics, digital products, LCD TVs, mobile communications, computers, set-top boxes, notebooks, automotive electronics and other fields. The integrated inductors have higher inductance and smaller leakage inductance, and the fully enclosed structure of the integrated inductor has good magnetic shielding effect, which can effectively reduce electromagnetic interference, and the magnetic core and the winding are tight, so noise can be avoided. So, what should we pay attention to when choosing an integrated inductor?
    1. Inductive components, the core and winding are easy to change due to the temperature rise effect. It should be noted that the body temperature must be within the specification range.
    2. The winding of the inductor is easy to form an electromagnetic field when the current passes. When placing the component position, care should be taken to keep the adjacent inductors away from each other, or the windings form a right angle to reduce the mutual inductance.
    3. Each winding of the inductor is a multi-turn thin wire, which will also generate gap capacitance, form a high-frequency signal bypass, and reduce the actual filtering effect of the inductor.
    4. When testing the inductance value and Q value with the meter, in order to make the data correct, the test leads should be as close as possible to the component body.

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