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Chinese semiconductors are catching up!Loonson quad-core CPU is officially released!
Time:2018-06-13 Views:224
Although there is still a big gap between the advanced level in the world, the progress of Chinese semiconductors in recent years is obvious to all and performance is catching up.
Recently, Loonson released a high-performance network platform "3A3000 + 7A1000", which achieved complete domestic, autonomous and controllable from hardware to operating system and application. The program uses domestic Loonson high-performance quad-core 3A3000 processor, with loonson‘s second-generation self-designed 7A1000 bridge.
Compared with the 3A3000+780e platform, the overall performance of this solution has been greatly improved, with high localization rate, high performance, high reliability, small size, low power consumption, etc., and is mainly aimed at self-made domestic network security industry, and can be applied to Important gateway devices such as firewalls, encrypters, gatekeepers, VPNs, and online behavior auditing.
The Loongson 3A3000 is the latest upgrade product of the Loongson 3 series processor. Based on the Loongson 3A2000 design, it performs a few structural improvements, increases the number of key queue items in the processor core, and expands the on-chip private/shared cache capacity, which is beneficial to the same frequency. Improve performance.
The Loongson 7A1000 bridge chipset is a chipset for Loongson processor No. 3, which can meet the application requirements of the IO interface in the desktop and server areas, and supports high-performance graphics application requirements through an external discrete graphics card.