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Will Brush face technology payment come into the mainstream payment method?
Time:2019-05-07 Views:151
Today in China,Eating, shopping, seeing a doctor... as long as you bring a mobile phone,you can complete daily transactions by phones without cash.Paying by mobile phones brings great convenience to people‘s lives.

However, the ever-changing technology is unexpected. Alipay has announced the launch of a brand new face-paying product,"dragonfly"  will pay for you when you brush your face outside.
Brush face payment

Easy to understand is the efficiency improvement brought by technology upgrades. Originally, it is necessary to queue up for shopping. Nowadays, it is easier to get paid by more convenient and faster brushing, which not only enhances the shopping experience, but also saves the manpower of the past. cost.
 Another significance of large-scale commercial face recognition is that the ideal digital age is getting closer and closer to us. The ultimate goal of paying for face-to-face is to use the combination of offline shopping and online payment to make use of everyday data to create this experience for you online.
For example, when you enter the mall to buy clothes everytime.,after you pay by brush your face, your shopping data is directly link to the online shopping points, after then it will provide you with more recommended combinations.

Is brushing face payment really coming? will it become the mainstream payment method in the future?Is it safer than mobile payment?

With the commercialization of Alipay‘s face payment announcement, not only the retail industry, but also some areas involving public services, such as medical treatment, industrial and commercial administration, and public travel, have entered a new wave of technological reforms. Face recognition technology has entered the golden age of popularization.
“Dragonfly” reduced the cost of equipment paid by brush face by 80%, and the efficiency of cash register increased by more than 60%, avoiding the situation of users queuing during peak hours.
At the same time, as the user experience has been enhanced and more young customers have been attracted, young users have increased by 50%-60%.
For the security issues that users are generally concerned about, the person in charge of Alipay said that the accuracy and security of the face payment are ensured through the combination of intelligent algorithms and risk control system. The current recognition accuracy rate is 99.99%.
Retention emphasizes that unlike many 2D face recognition technologies on the market, Alipay‘s face payment is based on 3D face recognition technology.
Before performing face recognition, the physical and physical detection is performed by means of software and hardware combination to determine whether the collected face is generated by photo, video or software simulation, which can effectively avoid the identity fraud caused by various face forgery.