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MAX14676_MAX14676A maxim PMICS for Wearable Charge Management Solution
Fitness Monitors
GPS Watches
Portable Medical Devices
Wearable Electronics
MAX14676_MAX14676A maxim PMICS for Wearable Charge Management Solution
Key Features
Extend System Use Time Between Battery Charging
1.8V Low-IQ 200mA Buck Regulator
0.9μA (typ) Quiescent Current
Automatic Burst or Forced-PWM Modes
ModelGauge with Accurate State-of-Charge
Easy-to-Implement Li+ Battery Charging
Smart Power Selector
28V Tolerant Input
Thermistor Monitor
Minimize Power-Management Footprint though High Integration
3.2V Low-IQ 100mA LDO
2.0V Always-On 50μA LDO
+5V Safe Output LDO
6.6V Low-IQ 120μA Charge Pump
Support a Wide Variety of Display Options
5V to 17V Output Boost Converter
3-Channel Adjustable High-Voltage Current Sinks
Optimize System Control
Pushbutton to Enable Ultra-Low-Power Mode and Power-On Voltage Sequencing
I2C Control
The MAX14676/MAX14676A are battery-charge-management solutions ideal for low-power wearable applications. These devices include a linear battery-charger with a Smart Power Selector™, ModelGauge™ fuel gauge, and several power-optimized peripherals. They feature an ultra-low-power buck regulator with a quiescent current of 900nA (typical) and 74% efficiency with 10μA output.
The MAX14676/MAX14676A embed a Maxim proprietary ModelGauge fuel gauge to provide an accurate estimate of the available capacity for rechargeable lithium batteries.
The MAX14676/MAX14676A include a synchronous high-efficiency step-down converter. The device features a fixed-frequency PWM mode for tighter regulation, and a burst mode for increased efficiency during light-load operation.
The MAX14676/MAX14676A have a boost regulator and three programmable current sinks that can be used to drive a variety of LED configurations. The boost converter is controlled independently from the current sinks, and they can be also used separately.
The MAX14676/MAX14676A feature a power switch controller that allows the device to be turned on and off by a pushbutton. This controller also provides a delayed reset signal and voltage sequencing.
These devices are available in a 42-bump, 0.5mm pitch, 3.497mm x 3.118mm wafer-level package (WLP).
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