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MAX77752 Maxim Integrated Multifunction PMICs for Wearables
Backlight ,Cable/Telecom/Fiber ,
Digital Camera ,General ,Laptop ,
MP3/PMP ,Smartphone/Data Card ,
TV/Monitor ,Tablet/Netbook ,Wearables
MAX77752 Maxim Integrated Multifunction PMICs for Wearables
Description:Multi-Channel Integrated Power Management IC
Primary Topology : Step-Down
Monitor/Control Features:
Dynamic V Adj. ,Feedback Integrator ,Output OVP ,Output UVP ,Serial Interface ,Shutdown
DC-DC/Power Features:
Current Limit ,Internal Switch ,Soft Start ,Sync. Rectifier
Package/Pins: TQFN/40

Full Description:
The MAX77752 is a highly-integrated power management solution including three step-down converters, a low-dropout linear regulator, two external regulators enable outputs, two dedicated load switch controllers, and an inrush-current limiter which can be configured as a third load switch controller using OTP. The MAX77752 provides a combination of high-performance power management components, high-accuracy monitoring, and a customized top-level controller that results in an efficient, size optimized solution. 
The 40-pin, 5mm x 5mm x 0.8mm, 0.4mm pitch TQFN package is ideal for space constrained applications. 
Numerous factory programmable options allow the device to be tailored for many variations of the end application. MAX77752: Simplified Block Diagram MAX77752: Simplified Block Diagram Enlarge+
Key Features:
Highly Integrated
Three Buck Regulators
Integrated High-Accuracy Brownout Comparators
One Low-Dropout Linear Regulator
Low-Input Voltage
Two Dedicated Load Switch Controllers
One Inrush-Current Limiter, Configurable to be Load Switch 3 Controller Using OTP
Two External Regulator Enable Outputs
Voltage Monitor for Backup Power Control
Highly Flexible and Configurable
I2C-Compatible Interface
Factory OTP Options Available
Flexible Power Sequencer
Configurable Sleep-State Control
Small Size
40-Pin, 5mm x 5mm x 0.8mm, 0.4mm Pitch TQFN
70mm2 Total Solution Size
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