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OPA2810 Rail-to-Rail Input/Output HV FET Op Amps
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OPA2810_High Performance Low Cost Rail-to-Rail Input/Output HV FET Op Amps
The OPA2810 is a dual-channel, FET-input, voltage-feedback operational amplifier (op amp) with extremely low input bias current. The OPA2810 is unity-gain stable with a small-signal unity-gain bandwidth of 120 MHz, and offers both excellent DC precision and dynamic AC performance at very low quiescent power. The OPA2810 is fabricated on Texas Instrument’s proprietary, high-speed SiGe BiCMOS process and achieves significant performance improvements over comparable FET-input amplifiers at similar levels of quiescent power. With a gain-bandwidth product (GBWP) of 70 MHz, extremely high slew-rate (240 V/µs), and very low-noise (5.7 nV/√Hz) the OPA2810 is ideal in a wide range of data acquisition and signal processing applications. It achieves these benchmark levels of performance while consuming a typical quiescent current (IQ) of 3.6 mA /channel.
The OPA2810 is characterized to operate over a wide supply range of 4.75 V to 27 V, and features rail-to-rail inputs and outputs. The wide supply-range and excellent dynamic performance of the OPA2810 device makes it well suited for a wide range of applications, such as wideband photodiode transimpedance amplifiers, test and measurement front end buffers, active filters, impedance measurement systems, power analyzers, as well as general purpose gain and level-shifting stages. The OPA2810 amplifier is capable of delivering 50 mA of linear output current, and is therefore suitable for driving optoelectronics components and buffering DAC outputs into heavy loads.
The OPA2810 is available in an 8-pin, SOT23-8 and VSSOP-8 package and is rated to work over the extended industrial temperature range of –40°C to +125°C.
High Speed: 70-MHz Gain-Bandwidth Product
120 MHz Small-Signal Bandwidth
High Slew Rate: 180 V/µs
Wide Supply Range: 4.75 V to 27 V
Low Noise:
Input Voltage Noise: 5.7 nV/√Hz (f = 100 kHz)
Input Current Noise: 0.7 fA/√Hz (f = 100 kHz)
Rail-to-Rail FET Input:
Low Input Bias Current: 2 pA
Rail-to-Rail Output:
High Linear Output Current: 50 mA
Low Input Offset: ±500 µV (Max)
Low Offset Drift: ±2 µV/°C (Typ)
Low Distortion: –95/–95dBc HD2/3 at 2 VPP, 1 MHz
High Common-Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR): 100 dB
Low Power: 3.6 mA/Channel
Small Packaging: 8-Pin SOT-23 and VSSOP
Extended Temperature Operation:
–40°C to +125°C

Functional Diagram:
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