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Guilin Yangshuo Four-day tour
Time:2018-08-24 Views:150
In order to grow the team, the family members who have joined the JYWY family will be more quickly integrated, and the colleagues will be relaxed and relieved in the busy work. The company specially arranged for four days and three nights Guilin Yangshuo Tour.
"Guilin‘s landscape is the best in the world, and Yangshuo‘s landscape is a Guilin". The beauty of the mountain peaks, the shape of the thousands, let us deeply understand the comfort of people in the middle of the painting, so that the mood is very relaxed.
Be relax to go through the Yulong River by bamboo raft after visiting the Silver Rock, we make a big change, put on the raincoat as "battle" and go to the Gudong Waterfall to climb! Everyone lined up in a team, tightened the ropes, worked together, and quickly climbed to the top. Unite up, never give up!
We also drove to the Longji terraces to experience the spectacular terraces. More than two thousand years ago, it was hard to imagine how the ancients who arrived at the Longji face the mountains in front of them. How to grit their teeth, relying on the most primitive The slash and burn, gradually open up such spectacular terraces? While we deeply admire the wisdom and hard work of the ancients, we will also inspire ourselves to overcome all difficulties and work hard.