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Wireless charging industry ic chips solution summary: Recommended 11 Brands with 37 kinds of hot chips
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The wireless control chip, which is the core part of the transmitter, represents the wireless charging scheme adopted by the product and directly determines the wireless charging power, the supported protocols, and the supported functions. Different launch end product brands and different product types, the selected chip manufacturer and chip model may be different, and the quality of the products finally presented to consumers is also very different.
Next, we will bring you a summary of the wireless charging and mastering chips, giving you an overall and comprehensive understanding of the industry.
By aggregating the wireless charging industry chip solutions so far, it has been found that there are a total of 11 brands with 37 kinds of hot IC chips.

As a global high-tech enterprise specializing in the field of wireless charging, CPS  established in partnership with ConvenientPower and E-Charging INC.Most of people only dismantling to find that its chip program includes WP80007 / EC8010, WP80016, WP80017 / EC8011, WP80027E / EC8012, WP80028E / EC8022, WP80024 / EC8014, WP80025 / EC8024, CP-SC2, etc., the corresponding customer brands have Mophie, Anker, VERIZON, SPIGEN,
RAVPower, Green Giant, Turas, Green Alliance,etc., cover a large part of the market‘s wireless charging product brands.
The CVSMicro team is a dark horse in Chinese wireless charging industry. A variety of chips have successfully entered the supply chain of many famous brands. It is understood that the products using the core chip program ANKER, ROFI, Green Alliance, MOMAX, AT & T, SCOSCHE etc.Part number is CV90312T, CV90318, CV90325, CV90326, CV90328, CV90329...

Generalplus is a older brand in wireless charging IC field. As a leader in consumer IC design, Generalplus Technology holds a leading position in the field of voice IC and video multimedia product solutions. Through the dismantling of the market‘s popular wireless chargers,Generalplus’s chips include GPMQ8005A, GPMQ8005B, GPMQ8006B, GPMQ9019B, GPMQ8102A, and GPMQ9102B.
IDT is the leader in the wireless charging industry in the smart phone market and dominates the mobile device and transmitter market. We found that the IDT IC part number includes 
IDTP9235, IDTP9236, IDTP9237, IDTP9242, etc. mainly used in Samsung, Huawei,Xiaomi,SONY  etc. famous brands of wireless charger.

Founded in 2014, Nuvolta Technologies is a company that specializes in wireless charging semiconductor chip design and system solutions. The company has offices in Silicon Valley, USA, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hefei in China.
At present, the NuVolta IC chips include NU1300 + NU1006, SP3400 + NU1007, NU1508 + NU1008, NU1509 + NU1009, NU1509 + NU1015, etc. 

Nuvoton Technology focuses on the development of analog/hybrid signals, microcontrollers and computer cloud related application IC products, and related products have a leading position in the industrial electronics, consumer electronics and computer markets. Previously, there was a dismantling of NetEase carefully selected wireless charging mobile power, it uses nuvoton‘s microcontroller, part number N76E003.

NXP is a core supplier to many smart phone manufacturers. It is reported that its wireless charging chip solution is mainly applied to wireless chargers such as mophie, Belkin, and iHome. The first-generation mophie wireless charger wireless charging base was disassembled by the charging head network and the main control chip used was found to be NXP, part number is MWCT1013. According to the foreign media‘s dismantling of Belkin, we found that 
its similarity with the mophie‘s PCB structure is extremely high, the main control chip brand model is exactly the same. After all, they are two products that Apple officially recommends at the iPhone conference. Naturally, they use the same set of supply chains.
Richtek is an international-level analog IC design company that specializes in providing customers with diverse and competitive products and complete power management solutions. Prior to the dismantling of a YIYING Yi surplus wireless charger, it uses the Richtek part number RT3181A,which is a medium power wireless charging transmitter chip.

Semic is a strategic alliance formed by Semic and China Resources Group in 2012 and formed a wireless charging R&D team consisting of more than 60 doctors and masters. Prior to the dismantling of Taobao‘s heart-selected wireless chargers, we discovered that it used a full set of wireless charging kits for the wireless group. The main control chip was the CS4967. It is Taobao‘s first wireless charger, which means that Ali has officially entered the wireless charging industry. In addition, we learned that there are the part number CS4968 too.The related customers are mophie, kyocera, NIKE.
STMicroelectronics is the world‘s leading manufacturer of specialized analog chips and power conversion chips. With regard to the market share in the field of wireless charging, 
STMicroelectronics‘ microcontroller has taken the lead. Found that there are many companines using STM8S003F3 include: Hailutong, Jiesi, MOMAX, Saint Tes, Touras, Baseus, CHOETECH, Benks, Yu Bo, Zikko, Acola...
Texas Instruments is the world’s leading semiconductor company and one of Apple’s most core partners in the power supply segment. Dismantling the wireless charger, Meenova,Motorola and other brands are using Texas Instruments (TI) wireless charging chips,the main control chips include BQ500212A, BQ500212M and so on.The wireless charging terminal product brands in the market are dazzling, and the wireless charging and control chips behind them are also different. The only chips that are dismantled by the wireless chargers include CPS, CVSMicro,Generalplus, IDT, and NuVolta. Nuvoton, NXP, Richtek, and Semic,STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments,Some are famous brands in the industry. After reading the summary of the main chip of wireless charging on the market, I believe everyone will have a macro overall understanding of the industry.