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Motor Contorl MCU: R7F0C806/807

ISL91302B,ISL91301A,Renesas power management IC(PMIC)
The ISL91302B, ISL91301A and ISL91301B PMICs offer the highest power efficiency and smallest footprint for application processors in smartphones and tablets.,FPGA and ASIC power,
Industrial MPU power ,Human machine interface.

Renesas Electronics introduces the most efficient and smallest multi-phase power management IC ISL91302B,ISL91301A/B

Multiphase PMICs with High Efficiency and Small Footprint
The ISL91302B, ISL91301A and ISL91301B PMICs offer the highest power efficiency and smallest footprint for application processors in smartphones and tablets.
The ISL91302B dual/single output, multiphase PMIC delivers up to 20A and 94% peak efficiency, while the ISL91301A triple output PMIC and ISL91301B quad output PMIC both deliver up to 16A with 94% peak efficiency.
The PMICs also deliver power to artificial intelligence (AI) processors, FPGAs, and industrial microprocessors (MPUs), and they are ideal for powering the supply rails in solid-state drives (SSDs), optical transceivers, and a wide range of consumer, industrial and networking devices.

Key Features

 Dual output 3+1 or 2+2, or single output 4-phase
2.5V to 5.5V supply voltage
5A per phase output current capability
Small solution size (7x10 mm2)
4 phase design requires only 12 components
High efficiency (94% peak)
Low IQ in low power mode
Supports 50A/μs per phase transients with <150μF nominal output capacitance
Voltage, current, and temperature telemetry through integrated ADC plus auxiliary inputs
±0.7% system accuracy with remote voltage sensing
OTP Programmable PWM frequency from 2MHz to 6MHz
I2C and SPI programmable output from 0.3V to 2.0V
Independent Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) for each output
Soft-start and fault detection (UV, OV, OC, OT), short circuit protection
2.551mmx 3.670mm 54 ball WLCSP with 0.4mm pin pitch





  Ball 6x9 WLCSP

  Output (4 + 0 Phase)

  Dual Output (3 + 1 Phase)

  Dual Output (2 + 2 Phase)

  Ball 6x7 WLCSP

  Output (2+1+1 Phase)

  Ball 6x7 WLCSP

  Output (1+1+1+1 Phase)

  Ball 6x9 WLCSP

  Output (2+1+1 Phase)

  Ball 6x9 WLCSP

  Output (1+1+1+1 Phase)


The ISL91302B is a highly efficient, dual or single output, synchronous multiphase buck switching regulator that can deliver up to 5A per phase continuous output current. The ISL91302B features four integrated power stages and has the capability to assign its power stages to either output. This flexibility allows seamless design-in for a wide range of applications where dual, triple, or quad phase outputs are needed, such as CPU and GPU core power mobile applications.

The ISL91302B features integrated low ON-resistance MOSFETs, programmable PWM frequency, and automatic diode emulation, which maximizes efficiency while minimizing the external component count and solution size.

Using Renesas’s proprietary R5 modulator technology, the ISL91302B delivers a highly robust power solution capable of ultra-fast transient response, excellent loop stability, and seamless DCM/CCM transitions without requiring external compensation.

The ISL91302B is widely configurable through the factory OTP settings. Available features which can be used include:
• SPI or I2C interface
 • External signal telemetry with an internal ADC
 • Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) with selectable slew rate

 Smart phones, tablets
FPGA and ASIC power
Industrial MPU power
Human machine interface

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